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WIN: Embezzlement and Larceny case dismissed

Client was working at subway and walked out and quit on the job. It was later determined that money was missing from the safe at the store. After investigation, it was shown the prosecution's star witness (the manager) was stealing from subway, and that subway had made a deal with her to repay and not be prosecuted. Once the prosecutor found out about this, case was dismissed.

WIN: Larceny $200-1000 case dismissed

Client was found with a stolen iPhone in her trunk. Police tracked the iPhone using a gps locater to her car while she was driving and pulled her over. Client steadfastly denied that she knew it was there. After reviewing evidence it was shown that the phone had fingerprints on it, but weren't hers, and many people (co-workers) could have put the phone there.

WIN: Operating Under the Influence of Marijuana charge dismissed

Client was pulled over for a traffic offense and subsequently arrested and blood drawn showing THC in her blood. We filed a motion to suppress the results as we believed the arrest was illegal in the first place. After numerous arguments, Judge agreed, and dismissed the case.

WIN: Double Header

Aggravated Domestic Violence Case Dismissed for Client 1, Assault and Battery Case Dismissed for Client 2, Driving with No License Dismissed for Client 3, and an old conviction expunged for Client 4. Busy day!

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